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I wanted to break from my conventional posting and give some much deserved praise and exposure (such as it is :-) to Jules Smith, the owner and master craftsman of “RE JuJu venation”. Rather than run my mouth I wanted to show you some visuals of her art. Suffice it to say that she rejuvenates just about anything that takes her fancy or that you may like done. She is as expertly gifted at doing chairs, tables and chest of drawers as she is “memory boxes” and “memory blocks”

What’s a memory box you might ask? Generally, its any size box (but usually a few feet across and deep) that has been aged or rejuvenated to serve as a canvas for pictures near and dear to its owner’s heart. The themes are endless as you will see below. Perhaps you can come up with an idea no one has yet discovered!

If you see anything you like or have an idea for something unique that Jules may be able to commission for you, don’t hesitate to contact her at any of the links that appear on this post. So lets have a look see!

Furniture (a small sample)

Table and Chairs

Chair and Table Set















Pine Deck Chair


Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers















Jules is a photographer extraordinaire. She captures images most of us never even notice. She uses this skill to find subject matter for her memory box creations.  Her photographs and her free-flowing imagination have led her to make some really exquisite memory boxes. Jules creations are on display at select locations. Take a look! If you’d like your own memory box,  Jules accepts commissions using your own photographs or artwork to make your own one of a kind creation.

Take a look at these beautiful one of a kind creations:

Memory Boxes

Marilyn Monroe Box

Marilyn Monroe







Music Boxes

Rocker Box







Music Box 1







Architecture Boxes

architecture box








Arches Box








News Box

News Box











People and Places

Places Memory Box











Wine Bottle Box

Wine Bottle Box















Various Other Box Possibilities

Various Boxes










catalogue box












Special Commission Box – SAIL AWAY

Before Sail















After Sail















In addition to the memory boxes and furniture, Jules, also creates memory blocks to hang on your wall or any other fixture that could use a decorative touch. Take a look!


Memory Blocks

Marilyn Monroe Quote














Quotation Block











I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of the art and craftsmanship of Re JuJu Venation. If you would like your own box, do drop her an email at any of the links on this page. Whether you buy or not, please visit her website and look around. Ideas and comments are always welcome.

In addition to her art, Jules is also a writer and maintains a blog where she expounds upon anything and everything that strikes her fancy. You can find her here at JuliettaJellybobble.

Other Contacts



Other Web




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